Thinking of selling your property? List with us »
Thinking of selling your property? List with us »

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February 25, 2018

The Close

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve read stories in the media about impossible sounding returns; 1,000% in one week! $10 million from a $1000 investment!

Since the market is so hot, the question is not if your clients are going to ask you about bitcoin, but when. The only problem is that bitcoin is well…there’s no other way to say it—confusing. Don’t worry though. Even people who are so-called experts in the field can have a hard time explaining it.

In order to help you sound a little more informed, we put together this handy cheat sheet. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board or look it over before calling that software developer who hit you up on Zillow. Who knows, she may even share a sweet crypto investing tip.

Can My Buyers Purchase a Home With Bitcoin Yet?

Yes. However, almost all real estate transactions using bitcoin have used a service called bitpay to convert bitcoin to USD to transfer funds to the seller.

That said there have been a few “bitcoin to bitcoin” transactions. For example, a two bedroom condo sold for 17.741 bitcoin, the rough equivalent of $275,000 in cash. Both buyer and seller were represented by Brown Harris Steven’s Stephan Burke and Carol Cassis.

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